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Why read?

My original idea was to share my opinions on why everyone should write. But then I don’t have many blogs of mine to showcase and it would be impractical to preach what I don’t practise. So I turned towards what I do a lot of i.e. I read a lot. Reading is very natural to humans. We share & perceive information in text. But this is definitely not so natural for everyone, just like going to the gym regularly is not natural for everyone either. But I was an avid book reader back in the school, picking up whatever titles would be available back then in a pretty common convent school. Reading as many as I could in an academic year, hoping to go big the next one was my chime.

I don’t read as many books today. But I still do a lot of reading everyday. Mostly in the form of articles, writings, blogs, by people I follow or come across on social media. These could be all about things like life, engineering to travel, health, finance, etc.

What does reading give you? Reading builds a perspective. Reading allows you to understand society’s opinions on topics of matter. Reading can be a calming activity for our ever-active brains. It truly feels therapeutic to be completely drawn in on a white page with some text on it, that somehow seems to build a bridge between you and the writer. With above point in context, reading makes you relate to the writer - who could be someone more experienced in a specific art, skill and that allows you to be inspired and create something of your own. (Which is why this article exists). Conclusion Reading is what eventually brought me to writing this article. I have come across so many interesting engineers who write to express their views and share their experiences. I would like to achieve a similar glimpse through my writing and become part of the community that loves to give back.