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Notes from 2023 IndiaFoss

This is most probably the only even I have attended this year and it was fun as always. Met some cool people, had some interesting conversations with students in college and how they are promoting using Linux & BSD systems within the institution. Which I like a lot. I remember my time in college, where I would introduce people around me to linux and how they would all look so baffled as to what that was. My college was third tier, that means there were not a lot of good and interested kids around me in the classes. But I would always find people like me interested in tech, met some AI people, some blockchain people throughout my college. I digress,

This year's IndiaFoss started with the presenter talking about her personal experience with the FOSS community and how it has been a wonderful experience for her to lead the IndiaFoss movement just an year in. All the things she got to learn and other things she helped improve within the operations and tech side of things.
Then she moved on to talk about some of the technical debt that the IndiaFoss organization's tech platform had accumulated over time due to improper management and not having enough resources to do a look back and clear things out.

Then an engineer came on-stage to talk about exactly what the organization has been upto in the last few months leading up to this event. He mentioned they have been simplifying, open sourcing the code for the main website and moving away from the frappe's closed ecosystem for hosting that landing page, I guess. He also annouced Foss Profile: This is kind of IndiaFoss' version of or platforms. A collection of the digital footprint of a person to maybe build a job profile. Which can be a great talent pool considering this community has a lot of extremely excited and hardworking people.
Newsletters will be hosted on the new frappe platform. Listmonk is being used other ways unmentioned.
They are starting an ecommerce store for selling Merchandise by Jan 2024.

There were two tracks distributed in 2 auditoriums.

Session 1: Akash talks about Vyaakaran
He talks about his own programming language in 2021. Mentions compiler design course in his college. Lots of free time. A language to understand formal languages and automata theory. The course this was in is called Theory of Computation.

Session 2: Arpit Tripathi talks about Private 5G Deployments using Opensource 5g core networks

Session 3: Ark Arjun talks about Mappng Mobility: Unveiling Kochi’s Transport Landscape through OpenStreetMap

Session 4: - Women empowerment Panel

Session 5: Atharva Upadhye talks about Creating Hardware through open source ecosystem